Tracking is provided for all shipments; we will provide a link to track your package online. We will try to ship your order in 1-2 days, but it may take longer, depending on the packing, availability of your chosen options (like colors for 3D printed cases). In this case, we'll let you know with a separate e-mail!

In Ukraine

We ship with either Nova Poshta or Ukrposhta.

For orders over 1000 UAH, we provide free shipping! This means if you buy uECG from us, we will ship it for free domestically.


We ship worldwide! The shipping prices are from $9. There are different options for different countries. Shipping and delivery costs are included in the total price of your order and will vary based on your order’s size and weight. You can combine multiple items in one order to simplify packing and shipping. All packages are well-protected so your items are safe during shipping!

All countries (except Canada, UK and Australia - they don't track Ukrposhta):

- Ukrposhta Express ($9 - $15, 5-24 days);

National Ukrainian post. International shipments should take between 5 and 15 days for Europe and North America, and between 11 and 24 days for other locations (Asia, Africa, South America, Oceania). 

- DHL Express ($40-$120, 2-5 days)

Expensive, but very fast. They also have stricter customs. For example, we can't send more than 2 uECGs in one package, and can't send devices to India, Malaysia and Bulgaria without a commercial invoice.

- FedEx ($35-$90, 3-8 days)

Fast, expensive. Good shipper, relatively lax customs.

Canada, UK and Australia

Same options as for other countries, except instead of Ukrposhta we ship with Meest. DHL Express and FedEx are available too.

- Meest ($9-$20, 10-14 days)

A local international freighter - provides low prices and medium delivery times, but this way we have tracking information.

After your order has been shipped, we will send you an email with an estimated time of delivery (in days) and your shipment’s tracking number.


We accept payments by Visa/Mastercard and they're processed via WayForPay gateway.

WayForPay is a local Ukrainian card processor and payment gateway. It natively processes payments in hryvnias (UAH) - this means that on checkout, you'll see your order converted to UAH. This is normal and will be automatically converted back into your card currency (according to your card issuer exchange rate). Because WayForPay has no way of knowing your bank exchange rate, the exact amount may differ slightly.

In case of any issues with payment, please let us know via email:

We will answer as soon as possible and solve everything that we can do from our side!