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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy has its own page - here!

Open source, open hardware and intellectual property

Products on the website are provided in accordance with the principles of open source and open hardware. You may freely modify, change, copy, save, distribute or transfer the software and hardware of the products you receive however you want. In short, you buy it - you break it; but if it arrives broken, please tell us and we'll be happy to help! 

Occasionally, this website may contain links to other websites or files not provided by us - like datasheets or specifications. Whatever you do with them and their content is completely up to you!


Orders are accepted 24/7 via the website’s shopping cart. You can then review and edit the products added to the cart before processing the order. Once you pay for the order, we'll email you a list of products you ordered. This is a confirmation that we accepted your order and have started preparing it.

We try to ship orders within 3-5 days, but if it takes more time for some reason, we'll send you another email with details and a new shipping deadline.

Shipping and payment

We ship your orders worldwide and in Ukraine. Shipping and delivery costs are included in the total price of your order. 

That said, our shipping and payment policy has its own page - with more details on how we ship, where we ship, and how do you pay for it.

Return and refund policy

Our products are open hardware and intended for development and research, meaning they'll work differently for different projects. Electronically they're supposed to work as described - we test them extensively before shipping, and also use in our own projects. In case your product doesn't work, don't worry - we'll be happy to help! First, send us an email at or leave us a message on Facebook - we'll respond soon! If possible, send us photos or a video of what happened. 

Replacement: if we can fix your issue by tech support (that's us), that's great - and we'll also help if you want to do it yourself! But if we shipped you a faulty product, and it can't be fixed, we can send you a replacement. In this case, we'll tell you if there is an identical product available and when it can be shipped. If there's no identical product, we'll try to suggest a similar one.

Returns: shipping the faulty product back to us physically may or may not be economically reasonable, so we'll discuss that individually. 

Refunds: usually there's no reason for a refund, because we can either solve the issue by support or send a replacement. We'll refund you if you want, though! We want people to be happy about technology (and in general), so we'll try our best for you to be happy!


Since we're based in Ukraine, Ukrainian laws apply on this website.