uECG (single device with battery)

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uECG is the smallest ECG wearable monitor. It can transmit real time signal to a smartphone with an Android app or to a PC. Uses single-use electrodes and measures ECG when attached to the chest. Intended for developers, students, researchers, citizen scientists and medical professionals. Open hardware - free to use or modify.



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It's open hardware: you buy it, you break it. But if it arrived broken, we'll gladly fix that!

This shop is on pause and you can buy uECG from our Tindie shop until we reopen. All of the info and downloads are also there. You can also visit our Hackaday page, where we update about the development progress. Stay in good health!

uECG is the smallest ECG wearable. Small, lightweight and easy to use, it can transmit real time data to a smartphone with an Android app or to a PC (using our Ultimate base device). uECG uses single-use electrodes and measures ECG when attached to the chest.

uECG is intended for developers, students, researchers, citizen scientists and medical professionals to use in projects, research or work. And it’s open hardware - so you can use or modify it freely!


- high quality real time ECG signal;

- provides raw data for analysis or research;

- connects to a smartphone (Android only) or PC (Windows/Linux);

- works with any commercial single-use electrodes or HRM straps (10 single-use electrodes provided with device);

- 20 hours of battery power at full charge (charged using any USB 2.0 power cable);

- open hardware - can be used or modified freely!

Please note:

- Android app for smartphone: download from Google Play;

Ultimate base is a receiver used for PC connection; download uECG monitor desktop app from GitHub uECG page;

ST-Link V2 USB Programmer needed for firmware upload (any will do!);

- for firmware upload instructions, refer to the Hackaday Instructions page (step 7 and 8);

More information:

For more information and news about uECG, visit the Hackaday page!

Data sheet

RF antenna
Device support
Mobile - Android
PC - Linux
PC - Windows

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